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From Richards Total Backyard Solutions

At some point during one's swimming pool ownership,  one will invariably have to contend with algae.  Whether a sanitizer has run out, or whether the family is returning from a week's vacation, algae will invade and bloom in the swimming pool quickly if it has the opportunity.  This post from Richards TBS talks about how to remove this algae when it takes hold, whether it be green, black, or the mustard variety.  Left unchecked, alage can ruin a good week or two of the summer season by making one's pool unusable. 

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How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water

From Swim University

A cloudy swimming pool can sometimes feel like an riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.   There are many reasons that can cause a pool to cloud up, and attempts to correct the problem can often exacerbate it.  What a cloudy pool really requires is a common-sense approach and a step-by-step troubleshooting guide, and that is exactly what this post from Matt Giovanisci from Swim University provides in this post.   Identifying the causes of cloudy swimming pool water, then moving towards solutions makes this post a timely one for swimming pool owners and service professionals across the country this Spring.

Draining a swimming pool: Do you know where the water goes?

From Simi Valley Acorn

In areas in which swimming pools are put away for the Winter and re-opened for the Summer, the opening of the pool is a ritual that is always a harbinger of warmer swimming weather.  One of the tasks undertaken while opening a pool for the Summer is draining down the swimming pool to remove debris, and to restart the swimming pool water balance for the upcoming season.  Environementally conscious people may ask where the swimming pool discharge is going, and whether that is safe for the environment?  This post from Simi Valley Acorn addresses those concerns thoroughly, and hopefully will put the Earth conscious watchdogs at ease.

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Cartridge Filtration For Pool Clearning Requires Delicate Balance

From Pool & Spa News

Filter performance is a balance of efficiency, load capacity and durability

Keeping one's swimming pool water clean, clear, and sanitary is not always as easy as it looks.  Most pool owners rely on the equipment provided to them by their swimming pool professional to do the job of filtration, without really understanding what is happening at the microscopic level.  Additionally, they are not aware of the means and methods of their filtration, circulation or sanitization systems.  This post from PSN presents one such filter medium known as the cartridge filter, and discusses its pros and cons versus the other media availalable to polish your swimming pool water.

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From Pentair Pool

The ice is gone, and it is time to open your swimming pool for the summer.  Whether you are one who has a DIY inclination, or you hire a professional maintenance company to open your swimming pool, there are certain things that you can do to mitigate your cost, as well as to increase the effective life of your swimming pool and equipment.  This post from Pentair Pool gives a succinct,  handy guide to swimming pool cleaning and maintenance tips that apply to every swimming owner.

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Heater Hazards

From Pool & Spa News

Improper care can mean serious danger — but regular checkups should prevent most problems before they start.

The Internet has revolutionized the world, and there is really no arguing that point.  Goods and Services are able to be purchased cheaper, quicker, and more efficiently than before the advent of the WWW, and this is unquestionably a good thing.  Unfortunately, some fallout and unintended consequences of these actions are outlined in this article.  Do-it-yourselfers have long used the Internet to purchase goods cheaply and install them on their own, utilizing no more than a You Tube Video as their guide, in some cases.  This post illustrates that with certain goods and services, namely one's own inground swimming pool, it is more prudent to leave these complicated entities to the licensed professionals, lest one could be courting disaster.

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