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How to Drain an Inground Swimming Pool

From AAA Pool Service

Most people don't realize that draining an inground pool can be potentially dangerous.  A catastrophic accident can easily occur if a swimming pool is completely drained at an inopurtune time.  Given the exorbitant rain experienced recently throughout the Country, this article is particularly important to heed.

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How much does it cost to demolish an inground swimming pool?

From Hometown Demolition Contractors

Unfortunately, some people just don't want to deal with an existing inground pool.  Perhaps their kids are grown, and they are looking to downsize.  Perhaps they just simply don't have the time or resources to take care of an inground pool.  Perhaps they simply don't want an attractive nuiscance that a swimming pool presents in one's yard, when the legion of benefts that a swimming pool provides aren't being utilized.  Regardless of the reason, removing a pool isn't as simple as "filling it in" with dirt.  This post from Hometown Demolition Contractors explains the process of removing a pool, as well as some cost guidelines.

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Why Draining Your Inground Swimming Pool Could Be Dangerous

From ThoughtCo.

Many non-professional, and even some professional pool contractors don't understand that draining a pool can actually lead to a disastrous situation.  Water is one of the most destructive forces in nature, and hydrostatic pressure can literally destroy a swimming pool in an instant.  This post from ThoughtCo. addresses whether draining different types of swimming pools can be dangerous.

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How to Open an Inground Pool in 10 Steps

From Swim University

Perhaps you are the type of person that just doesn't get around to things promptly.  Perhaps you were traveling and forgot to open your swimming pool for the Summer.  Nevertheless, if your swimming pool isn't ready for prime time as of yet, this post is definitely for you.  Matt Giovanisci from Swim University gives you a simple, 10 step process to open your pool and cool off during the dog days of Summer.  The only thing required is a friend, and Matt points out that he really can't help you find that.

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How To Open An Inground Swimming Pool

From Pool and

How to websites and videos are literally everywhere.  Opening a pool is not an easy thing to do, but a guide like the one presented in this post from makes a herculean task much more approachable.  Done correctly, this pool opening procedure will ensure the longevity of equipment and the sanitization of the swimming pool to preclude algae and disease.  

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The Proper Way to Vacuum an In-Ground Pool

From Homeguides via SF Gate

Vacuuming a pool seems like a simple task, yet it intimidates even the handiest of homeowners.  This post from the SF Gate presents a DIY guide to setting up and properly utilizing the pool vacuum.  It may surprise some people that there is, indeed, a proper way to vacuum a swimming pool.  Not doing this task properly can not only damage pool equipment, but can make the pool messier than before the supposed clean up.

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July 4th Weekend Forecast: Chance Of Cloudy Water


Now that the fireworks are over, the brats have all been consumed, the grill is clean and the cooler is empty, one's mind turns to post-4th of July activities.  The 4th of July is usually the apex of the Summer, and typically signals that the school year is just around the corner for the kids.  One of the consequences of that 4th of July pool party is typically cloudy water.  This post from AQUA magazine addresses why this happens, and gives some quick and practical solutions to the problem.  With just a few short weeks of Summer left, one doesn't want to have their pool out of commission for very long!

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How to Close An Inground Pool in 6 Steps

Form Swim University

It seems like it is too early to start thinking about closing up a swimming pool for the winter, as Summer hasn't even officially started yet and most pools aren't even operable in the Northeast and Midwest.  This post from Matt Giovansci proves, however, that it is never to early to start planning for this important task to ensure that is is done properly, efficiently, and thoroughly.  

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Closing an Inground Swimming Pool? How to Winterize a Pool for an Easy Spring Opening.

from Dengarden

Spring just sprung, and yet it is never too early to start thinking about a pool winterization plan.  Summer, unfortunately for most of us in the United States, only lasts a few short months, and then Fall and Winter comes a callin' with frigid temperatures and snow.  This post from Dengarden helps the astute swimming pool owner anticipate a proper winterization, make a solid plan, and ensures that the swimming pool and equipment investment is protected from Old Man Winter for as long as possible.

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How to Take Care of an Inground Swimming Pool

From SF Gate

Owning a swimming pool can be an intimidating experience for many.  Knowing about pool water chemistry and balance, how the equipment works, how to clean and maintan the pool and equipment, and how to administer chemicals can all be complicated and are easy to screw up.  This post from the SF Gate presents a practical, easy primer on swimming pool maintenance for anyone.

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