Learning to Swim Can Be a Life Changing Skill

Learning to Swim Can Be a Life Changing Skill

Step Into Swim Aims to Change People’s Lives Through Learning to Swim

From Step into Swim

This informative website outlines some major issues that are plaguing the United States today.  The obesity scourge has been well documented, with one in every three men and nearly 40% of women in the U.S. reporting zero leisure time exercise or activity?  Additionally, says this post, nearly 10,000 drownings or near drowning injuries are sustained every year in this country.  Step into Swim is an organization aiming to solve these pressing issues through giving people the tools they need to learn how to swim.  Swimming is not only fun, it is an extremely low-impact, benefical leisure time activity that will give people the life skills they need to stay fit, and to stay safe.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Who We Are

The Step Into Swim™ Campaign is a 10-year initiative to create 1 million more swimmers. Organized by non-profit, 501(C)(3) National Swimming Pool Foundation®, the campaign raises funds that are directly given to leading learn-to-swim organizations. The Foundation has matched dollar for dollar every donation given in 2012. Supporters of the campaign believe that investing in the next generation of swimmers – for fun, for fitness, for family safety – and teaching people of all ages and ethnicities, is a necessary investment and will improve the health and future of our nation.