Hot Tub Health–How To Perform a Hot Tub Pedicure

Hot Tub Health–How To Perform a Hot Tub Pedicure

How to Give Yourself a Hot Tub Pedicure

From Hot Tub Cover Pros

The health benefits related to soaking in a Hot Tub of super-heated water have been well expounded upon.  Newer topics such as Hot Tub workouts and Hot Tub Yoga have made health-conscious people aware of the ancilarry benefits that Hot Tubs can provide.  This post from Hot Tub Cover Pros gives a thorough lesson in this very topic–How a hot tub can facilitate a salon-quality pedicure for both men and women.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Every woman – and many a man – loves a pedicure, but they are expensive and time-consuming, so most don’t get as many as they’d like. If you own a hot tub, however, you have a great chance to up the amount of foot-pampering in your life by doing it yourself. Although it may at first sound daunting, your hot tub is the perfect accessory to at-home spa treatments.watermelon-pedicure

First, prep everything you’re going to need ahead of time: a few towels; nail trimmers; a nail file; cuticle scissors; a pumice stone; a moisturizing lotion; a bowl of cool water; and a bottle of nail polish (if you want to paint your nails; otherwise leaving them plain is fine). Set the temperature ahead of time so the hot tub will be ready when you are, and set all your supplies up on a tray or table next to your tub. Be sure to move hot tub covers out of the way so that you don’t trip or spill anything on them.

Start by soaking your feet for at least 15 minutes. Obviously this doesn’t mean you can’t soak the rest of your body, so hop on in and enjoy yourself. When you’ve sat for the required time, or longer, step back out and towel off. Wrap up in a robe to keep warm while you attend to the next step.

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