Swimming Workout Music Playlist Delineated by Swim Stroke

Swimming Workout Music Playlist Delineated by Swim Stroke

Playlist For Swimming Workout

From Fitness Republic

Let’s face it, swimming workouts can become monotonous.  All of the benefits of working out in the swimming pool aside, the sound of water swishing around you and muffled sounds of the ambient noise can sometimes hinder your focus on the task at hand.  Have no fear, intrepid swimmer:  Presenting a playlist for swimming workouts corresponding to the specific swim stroke that you are using for your exercise.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Swimming can be monotonous at times. Repeating the same routine each day may chip away your passion for this sport. There’s no doubt that swimming is one of the best workouts that exercise almost every part of the human body, but having no zeal or enthusiasm for it may result in withdrawal.

What if you can spice it all up? Music comprises of seven notes, these notes form a melody and from melody comes harmony. Similarly, to harmonize your body in water, a workout playlist can be of great help & rejuvenate you.


Our arms and legs play an important part when swimming. Our body, horizontally immersed, serves as a resistance against water. To push forward in water requires strength and energy and what better way to do this than with your trusty companion – swimming music playlists!

Here we present workout playlists we designed in accordance with stroke styles.

Swimming Music Playlist For Backstrokes

Backstrokes are easier to learn and keep shoulders protected from potential shoulder slouches. While you maneuver and sway in the water with your head facing the sky, music to your ears can boost and exhilarate your workout. Try the following songs on for size:

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