Thinking about a swimming pool? Some important Q&A that should be considered.

Thinking about a swimming pool? Some important Q&A that should be considered.

How To Choose The Right Swimming Pool For Your Home

From Bill Gassett

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and install a swimming pool in your home.  What kind of pool should you consider?  What options are avaialable?  Is this Salt Water Chlorination thing for real?  Will I be able to recoup the costs of the pool when I sell my home?  These are the important questions that are addressed in this post from Bill Gasset, and can be a great first step towards designing your very own outdoor paradise.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Choosing a Swimming Pool

Installing a Massachusetts Swimming PoolBefore you take the plunge and invest in a swimming pool, you should review your options, initial and future maintenance costs and impact on your home’s value. The type and investment you put into a pool can have a dramatic effect on your real estate investment either positively or negatively.

The Swimming Pool Options

Above ground swimming pools can sometimes be installed in one day by a qualified contractor. Though they require no subsurface digging, it’s crucial to have the foundation perfectly leveled, and hiring a reputable and insured contractor to do the work is highly recommended. Vinyl pool liners are a common material for pools above ground. Since they aren’t considered permanent fixtures, your city may not require a building permit, but check with your local town hall first.

In-ground swimming pools require a building permit and services of a pool contractor. Most installations are scheduled several weeks out so you’ll need to file your permit, and research qualified pool contractors well ahead of time. In-ground pools are typically surrounded by a tile, brick or concrete patio area, but this is placed after the pool is already installed and usable. If your budget is tight, you could hold off on the patio for as long as necessary. Keep in mind that the soils in your area can play a significant role in the cost of excavation. If your lot is filled with ledge and rock then the cost of adding that pool you always wanted is going to be greater.

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