Lower Back Pain? Consider the Therapeutic effects of Hot Tub Yoga.

Lower Back Pain? Consider the Therapeutic effects of Hot Tub Yoga.

Hot Tub Yoga-2 Surprising Ways to Reduce Low Back Strain

From Bathtub Yoga

If you are among the estimated 31 Million Americans that suffer from some form of lower back pain, then you have likely tried everything. From harmful narcotic pain killers, to stretching, to inversion, to chiropractors;  The lower back pain sufferer seems to be in a never-ending battle to find relief and seek the latest and greatest treatment.  The last resort that every person tries to avoid is surgery, so this fuels the struggle to find an alternative treatment.  This article from Bathtub Yoga presents an interesting and potentially useful therapy that most people likely haven’t considered: Hot Tub Yoga.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Most people with low back issues think the solution is to strengthen the muscles in their back, and while this is partially true, there are 2 other often overlooked important components to reduce low back strain. If you have low back pain, check with your doctor before exercising.

Strengthen Your Core-

Having strong abdominal muscles can improve & protect your low back. Think of your abdominal muscles wrapping around your mid-section to create a “girdle” of support & protection. Crunches are the most traditional method to strengthen this area. In the Hot Tub Yoga Program there are several core strengtheners you can practice as you enjoy your soak.Pictured here is core plank in the water. I suggest you hold it for about 1 min, or work slowly up to a one minute hold. For a great one minute video on Hot Tub Yoga Core Plank see:

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