Design Inspiration For Your Inground Hot Tub

Design Inspiration For Your Inground Hot Tub

Design Ideas for Your New Spa

From Pulliam Pools

One of the most overlooked parts of an inground swimming pool design is the hot tub.  Sure, swimming pool designers will raise the hot tub (or spa, as it is commonly called within the industry), or separate it, or even change the shape sometimes.  Advanced watershapers will even design complicated edge treatments like a perimeter or slot overflow or vanishing edges to the hot tub.  This post from Pulliam Pools in Texas gives some additional out-of-the box thinking for hot tub designs, and hopefully will inspire some additional twists on this essential luxury item. 

Here is an excerpt from the post:

…some design ideas you may wish to consider include:

Deck-Set Fiberglass

One of the most affordable spa options, the fiberglass spa is design-versatile and can be installed above ground, in the ground, or partially in the ground. Unlike gunite spas, fiberglass spas are smooth and easy to clean. They can be installed in specially constructed pits with wood decking around them for a dazzling aesthetic appeal that will look great with or without a pool.

In-Ground Gunite

When a homeowner sets out to construct a spa at the same time as an in-ground pool, gunite is generally the spa surface material that he or she opts for. A popular in-ground gunite spa design consists of a connecting pool and spa, separated only by a narrow wall so that swimmers can move between the two without having to get out of the water and walk around. Elevated gunite spas that spill over into pools and give the pool-spa combo a two-level feel are another great design to consider.


A spool is a single backyard feature that functions as both a pool and a spa. Typically smaller than the average pool, spools are equipped with seating and jets that enable those using them to have a full spa experience. Due to their relatively small size, spools can heat up quickly, making the transformation from pool to spa almost on-demand.

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