Stunning outdoor fireplace designs will bring your outdoor living space to life

Stunning outdoor fireplace designs will bring your outdoor living space to life

Marvelous Fireplace Designs by Elena Colombo

From StylishEve

There is nothing quite like fire to attract the eye.  How many great memories have been formed around the bonfire, roasting marshmallows and making s’mores?  Fire has a way of becoming a focal point, and a place where people tend to gather, especially when temperatures drop slightly below the norm on a summer’s eve.  Consider adding a fireplace or firepit to your outdoor living design to attract the eye, as well as a crowd.  In this post from StylishEve, some of the most forward-thinking designs on fireplaces are showcased to help inspire your own outdoor living design.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Fire places might not be seen in all houses, but when you find them, they really make a huge decorative and unique style in the room they are added to. Fire places give you amazing warmth, and when they have a chic design, the whole room becomes amazing. This is a collection of marvelous fire place designs offered by Elena Colombo. These fire places are really innovative and have unique designs that will turn any place into a really decorated area. A lot of ideas are available; some of them are modern, while others are simply made of raw materials like wood for a totally natural style that can be perfect when this fire place is added outdoors. If you will add your fireplace outdoors, then try to get one that’s totally made of natural materials to complement the feeling of nature, like this design using wooden sticks and stones; this one is very natural and feels like the traditional, known old style of fire places. Metal is also used to make amazing fireplaces with different designs. The designs are really a lot come in different sizes to choose what suits you and the ambiance of the place in which the fireplace will be added.

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