Work off that 4th of July BBQ Weight with Aquatic Exercise

Work off that 4th of July BBQ Weight with Aquatic Exercise

How to Get Fit with Aquatic Exercise

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So, you’ve gone to work on Monday morning after the 4th of July, and you’ve noticed that you are hanging over your belt.  You didn’t realize that the extra helping of potato salad and beans would stick right to your waist, but alas, it seems to have done exactly that.  What can you do to jump start the metabolic process and get back on the road to fitness?  One of the best and most efficient ways to get calories and fat burning is to start exercising in the water.  There are legion benefits of exercising in the swimming pool, such as its low impact, its cooling properties, and the ability to do more work efficiently.  

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Once you’ve decided to try aquatic exercise, there are a variety of options to consider besides swimming, the obvious choice. The one that requires the least amount of planning but would probably be most expensive is to buy an aquatic treadmill or bicycle. Yes, you can use your favorite gym equipment in your backyard swimming pool! Some aqua treadmills allow you to perform exercises like crunches and dips in addition to walking or running in your pool. Aquatic bikes and treadmills are particularly helpful when you’re recovering from an injury – they are often used in physical therapy programs.

If you want to walk or run in the pool for exercise but don’t want to buy a treadmill, you can do so with relatively inexpensive equipment or even no equipment at all. Aqua jogging allows you to run while avoiding the potential repercussions from high-impact running on land. Because water provides more resistance than air, you’ll still reap the many fitness benefits of jogging. To get started, research aqua jogging workouts online and select a routine you’d like to try. As you increase your fitness level and/or start jogging in deeper water, you may want to add aqua fitness products such as a water noodle, aqua jogging belt, hydro-resistant arm and leg trainers, or aquatic dumbbells to your routine.

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