Want to know the proper ways to add chlorine tablets to your inground swimming pool?

Want to know the proper ways to add chlorine tablets to your inground swimming pool?

How to Properly Add Chlorine Tablets to Your Pool

From Swim University

Many people have found themselves in this situation:  You just purchased a home with an existing swimming pool, and you have no idea what you need to do to it.  The smart move is to hire a professional service company to check it, and regularly maintain it.  Even with a professional swimming pool service company, however, very hot days will leave the pool owner with a need to add chlorine to the swimming pool by themselves.  Most people have never handled chlorine, don’t know how much to add, or even where and by what means to add it to the swimming pool.  Enter this handy guide from Swim University.  This easy to read and comprehend post will give you the basic information that you will need to ensure proper sanitization for the holiday weekend, even if your service company isn’t able to get to you pool.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

My friend recently purchased his first home, and lucky for him it came with a very large inground pool and a hot tub. Of course, when it came time to start his pool up, I was the first person he called.

His question was, “how do I add chlorine to my pool?” He was confused about whether to use a chlorine floater or add chlorine tablets to the skimmer baskets. He went online to find an answer but came up short.

Fear not, fellow pool owners! I have a definitive answer for you below.

4 Ways How to Add Chlorine to Your Pool

  1. In a chemical floater
  2. To your skimmer(s)
  3. In an automatic chlorinator
  4. Sprinkle chlorine granules directly to the water

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