Pool Fountains Add Dramatic Flair to Inground Swimming Pool Designs

Pool Fountains Add Dramatic Flair to Inground Swimming Pool Designs

17 Fabulous Pool Fountains 

These state of the art examples of swimming pool fountains take your outdoor design to the next level.

From HGTV Gardens

The sound of moving water can add so much to any space.  Whether it is the soothing sounds of a delicate babbling brook, the dramatic thundering splash of a waterfall, or the elegant touch that dancing nozzles bring to a space, water fountains add a vertical and animated element to any outdoor living space.  This post from HGTV Gardens presents 17 luxury fountains that are part of an inground swimming pool and/or hot tub or outdoor living space with pool.  Be sure to take special notice of the three projects that were designed and built by Platinum Pool in this post!

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Reality Check

The exterior world becomes the dominant theme in this interior pool which features a painted ceiling of birds and clouds and a pool that symbolizes the ocean with its giant clam shell fountain. Designed by Platinum Poolcare, the fountain is a fiberglass shell with hand-painted ceramic tile from Wales.

Perfect Pour

Nighttime lighting gives this backyard pool a sense of intimacy and a touch of class with a top of the line pour fountain from Platinum Poolcare.

Laminar Flow Fantasy

What might have started out as an ordinary swimming pool is transformed into an aquatic fantasyland by Platinum Poolcare. They installed eight LED laminar flow fountains and designed a fitting showpiece at the far end—a sculpture fountain mounted on a concrete basin with limestone and brick fascia and an exposed aggregate interior.

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