Heads-up display for swimming performance attaches to any swimming goggle

Heads-up display for swimming performance attaches to any swimming goggle

Instabeat is the “Google Glass” for Swimming

Instabeat is the first waterproof heads-up monitor that tracks, stores, and displays instant feedback of your heart rate during your swim to optimize your training and allow you to achieve your peak performance.

Aiming to make swimming performance a social event, Instabeat is an Indiegogo-funded start up that has one of the most unique products in the swimming pool industry.  Instabeat attaches to any swimming goggle, and provides a heads-up display for the swimming to allow them to monitor their personal performance, heart rate, and track other aspects of their performance to ensure the optimal training regimen.  

From the Instabeat Website:

Instabeat is a sports technology startup based in Lebanon, founded in 2011 by Hind Hobeika out of a need for a heart rate monitoring device for her practices. A former professional swimmer herself, she got the idea while training for the American University of Beirut’s swimming team.

As seen in the Olympics, professional athletes need to heavily rely on technology to improve their workout. Swimming is the most challenging sport to track because in addition to being waterproof and accurate, the monitor’s design should not hinder the movement of the swimmer and create discomfort or drag forces.

At Instabeat, we believe in the power of tracking to achieve both training optimization and increasing wellness. We are creating the first swimming tracking device that ticks the above requirements while giving real-time feedback of performance.

We’ve had an amazing start so far. We won the 3rd prize of the Stars of Science competition in 2010, 1st prize of the MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab Business Plan competition in 2012, and we have been around the world to promote self-tracking and swimming. We are also the pioneers of the Quantified Self movement in the Middle East.

We want to empower every athlete with innovative and non-intrusive tools to track, improve and master their most intricate trainings, one sport at a time, starting with swimming.

Instabeat has raised 161% of their funding goal to date, so it will only be a matter of time until you see these in swimming pools across the World.

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