First you get a pool full of beer, then you dive in

First you get a pool full of beer, then you dive in

Pools Filled With Beer: They Exist

From Aqua

In a departure from our usual attempts at interesting or informative information, we bring to you something that may appeal to the man’s man in your life.  Is the swimming pool filled with beer an Urban Legend?  Apparently not.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Think you’re a beer lover? Try making a pilgrimage to Starkenberger Brewery.

Located in a castle in the hills of Austria, the brewery bills itself as a “beer resort” for beer connoisseurs to enjoy history trivia and, of course, drinks.

While immersing yourself in beer culture is one thing, the resort also offers the chance to literally immerse yourself in beer itself. Yes, in the cellars of the castle you’ll find seven pools, each measuring 13 feet long and containing 42,000 pints of beer. According to the hotel, these are the world’s only beer-filled swimming pools.

While the experience sounds hedonistic at best, the resort maintains there are indeed benefits to swimming in beer: the spirit is rich in vitamins and calcium, and sitting in beer can be good for the skin.

And to answer your question, the brewery advises against drinking from the pool. Regardless, Homer Simpson would surely approve.

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