Trying to grab a shady spot while lounging around your inground swimming pool?

Trying to grab a shady spot while lounging around your inground swimming pool?


From Pool & Spa Outdoor

Anyone who has spent a long day sitting in the sun, soaking up the nourishing rays, knows that you can reach your limit.  Children and sun worshippers alike can always hit the point of getting too much of a good thing.  If your inground swimming pool or outdoor living space doesn’t have any shaded areas provided by a tree canopy or other shading vehicle, this situation could prematurely end the precious day of fun with the family.  If you live in a seasonal climate, those days are indeed quite precious, as they are severly limited!  To preclude this unfortunate situation, savvy outdoor living enthusiasts can plan for some clever shaded areas of rest by designing and installing stylish structures to complement the outdoor living space.  These structures can take the form of a Gazebo, Canopy, Pergola or Umbrella.  This post from Pool & Spa Outdoor gives some great ideas for designing the perfect shade structure to preserve that precious time with your family.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Summer means spending a lot more time outdoors and having a little fun in the sun. But if you’re spending any length of time outdoors during steamy summer days, you’ll probably want some shade to get a break from the heat.

Deck, patio, and table umbrellas are a simple option, but if you’re looking for something more permanent to add both shade and style to your backyard, consider a gazebo or pergola. Check out these stylish structures for ideas.

Custom Gazebos

Geremia Pools gazebo bridge boulders  come in all different sizes and materials and are the perfect structure to add beauty, shade, and seating to your backyard. Many come with built-in benches for seating, although many homeowners will furnish with outdoor furniture. Since they can stay up year-round, they become a permanent fixture in your backyard.

Left: Set in the middle of a private grove, this large gazebo features a red tiled roof and has an ornate architectural style. Boulder accents and beautiful landscaping give this pool a natural look, while the bridge adds charm to the entire poolscape.

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