Looking for a unique color palette for your inground swimming pool?

Looking for a unique color palette for your inground swimming pool?

Hotel Pool In Morocco Has Visitors Seeing Red

From Aqua

As a custom inground swimming pool builder, we get asked this question quite a bit: “What color will my pool water be when it is complete?”.  As we tell our clients, this is an extremely difficult question to answer.  Water is a reflective medium, and is dynamic.  Depending on the foliage surrounding the pool, the other reflections, the quality of the light on any particular day and the sky, the water can take on a range of tones and hues.  Utilizing good color theory and being cognizant of the reflective properties of water, however, the skilled designer can more accurately corral this range of colors and give the client a reasonable expectation of what the range of finished colors will look like in their inground swimming pool.  This post from Aqua Magazine, however, takes the color selection to an entire new plane.  While most people have a mental picture in their minds of a body of water being in the blue range, this hotel pool in Morocco turns conventional swimming pool colors on its head!

Here is an excerpt from the post:

The swimming pool at the Murano Hotel Marrakech, in Morocco, is the perfect example of how even the simplest design can make a pool unique. Lined with red tile, this pool appears to be a deep scarlet rather than the typical azure we are used to.

The view of the pool itself combined with the red sky during a Moroccan sunset is breathtaking. To reserve a room at the Murano Hotel Marrakech and for a chance to swim in this fabulous pool, visit

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