Plans for your inground swimming pool still in the future? Visit your community pool!

Plans for your inground swimming pool still in the future? Visit your community pool!

Town Swimming Pools: A Suburban Paradise

From Huffington Post

If you are one of the 10 million residential inground swimming pool owners in the United States, then congratulations!  You have a destination point for your friends, family, and neighbors to build a lifetime of memories in your own outdoor paradise.  Even if you have any of the many forms of swimming pools, be they inground or above ground, you might want to re-consider the commonality shared at your local community swimming pool or waterpark.  There are myriad benefits to visiting a public swimming pool faciliy, says this post from Huffington Post, and these include:

#1. No worries about balancing chlorine and pH levels, checking alkaline substances, monitoring calcium hardness and other unsightly buildup in the water. (Leave the alchemy to the lifeguards.)

#2. Sitting by the pool can be a refreshing break from checking email, text messages and telephone calls.

#3. It’s an excuse to read a trashy novel.

#4. Swimming laps is relaxing. Just stroke, kick and breathe. Do it a few times back and forth and you’ve had a good workout.

#5. When is the last time you kicked around in a pair of flippers?

#6. Floating on your back and watching the clouds is good for the soul.

#7. Doing cannon balls off the diving board brings back memories. (Even hearing the occasional belly-flop is an auditory throwback.)

#8. It’s nice to exchange pleasantries with neighbors you haven’t seen since last summer.

#9. In August, it’s a rarified ad-free zone from the bombardment of back-to-school commercials.

#10. The pool is the only place you can wear a bathing cap and no one will make fun of you. (And let’s face it… it’s the only place you can walk around half-naked in public and not get arrested.)

One more thing that crowns an afternoon at the pool:

#11. You can’t beat an ice-cream sandwich from the snack bar.

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