How can I lower the cost of my inground swimming pool?

How can I lower the cost of my inground swimming pool?

Later Gator: 5 Features You Can Put Off When Building a Pool

From Pool Pricer

Okay, you’ve been scouring the internet on sites like Houzz, Pinterest, Google + and Facebook, and you have looked at swimming pool designs from all over the world.  You are an informed consumer!  You know what shape that you want your inground swimming pool to be, what features you want for your family, and you may have already interviewed and received proposals from your desired outdoor living design professional.  Now comes the part that you see the price tag, and you nearly fall over backwards.  

Fear not, prospective inground swimming pool owner.  The cost of your inground swimming pool can be driven by these very amenities that you desire, and while eliminating them from your outdoor living space is one way to lower the cost of your swimming pool, it is not the only option.  This post from Pool Pricer gives you the elements that absolutely need to be in place to get the project completed most efficiently, and the options that could be phased in at a later date.  This might be the most important article that you read this year if you are planning an outdoor living or inground swimming pool project this year!

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Planning a pool is all about sorting and juggling a million different priorities – from the design, to financing, to hiring and scheduling. While some people revel in all the details, most find the process stressful or even overwhelming. On top of the many decisions you have to make throughout this “journey,” there’s the ever-present concern of how to pay for it all.

Rather than just diving in, you might want to step back and consider which features have to be in place when you plunge into your pool for the very first time, and which can wait until later. Rolling your pool out in stages is much easier on your cash flow, allowing you to afford more of the features you want. But even if your budget isn’t uncomfortably tight, thinking about your pool this way is a classic approach to project planning – starting with the essential, and working down to everything else.

What you’ll quickly find out is that many aspects of your pool installation really do have to be determined early on if you want a harmonious design. However, there are a handful of features that – while important – can be postponed for months or even years if need be. Here are five pool features you can safely put on the back burner until you have the time and money to deal with them.

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