My inground swimming pool is complete, and how I have to pick out furniture?

My inground swimming pool is complete, and how I have to pick out furniture?

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Outdoor

From Shade FX

The final touches are all in place.  The decking is down, the inground pool is full and heating, and the sun is shining.  The kids are out of school in a few short weeks, and Summer is about to get kicked into high gear.  Now you have to make your outdoor living space comfortable for all of the activities that you planned for your space.  It is time to pick out the couches, seating, tables, and other furniture that will make your outdoor living space a true outdoor extension of our indoor space.  Enter this guide from Shade Fx.  From structural materials to fabrics to shade planning, this guide will give you the base of knowledge that you will need to make prudent decisions about your outdoor living space, and will make the time that you spend with your family sitting around your inground pool and outdoor kitchen much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

You’ve planned, paved, landscaped, and trimmed your way to a perfect outdoor area. Now it’s time to furnish… and you have a wide range of options in front of you in today’s marketplace. Outdoor furniture has become as complex, stylish, and high-quality as any top-notch indoor furniture. While this gives you some great items to choose from, it can also create a confusing purchasing process. Fortunately, with a few tips you can zero in on what you should be considering when choosing outdoor furniture for you and your outdoor space.

Identify Your Goals

Your first step when choosing outdoor furniture is to determine your goal in setting up your outdoor space. Do you want it to be an enclave, a place to lounge, or are you looking for a place of active engagement? Installing a chaise lounge, for example, instead of a more structured armchair-style seat in your outdoor area can define it as an entirely different space. Start small, considering whether you want things casual or formal. From there, begin weighing the nature of the engagement you want in that space. Visualize your ideal event in the space, imagining yourself as the ideal host or hostess, and identify how you want your guests to participate and engage.

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