Parasols add shade, drama to any outdoor living space

Parasols add shade, drama to any outdoor living space

Beautiful & Practical Parasols for Garden Decorations

From Stylish Eve

Those hot days in the sun can wear you out!  No matter how much you worship the Sun’s nourishing rays while frolicking in your outdoor living space, eventuall you will need some shade!  Incorporating a Parasol into your outdoor living space can be a very smart idea; not only for the utilitarianism of providing a respite from the Sun, but also as a stunning design element.  Parasols can accent any space with color, volume, and texture.  This post from Stylish Eve shows some amazing examples of Parasol designs that will enhance any landscape design, and make one’s outdoor living space relevant and comfortable at the same time!

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Parasols are one of the most practical accessories in a garden or a terrace; they are not just very useful to protect you from the sun, but they are also used as a decoration to give the outdoors a pretty look. If you are looking for practical yet decorative parasol models, we present you here a collection of the most trendy garden parasol designs to inspire you. You should know that the parasol will easily adapt to the style of your garden or your terrace. If your outdoor furniture has a minimalist style, use a parasol with geometric shapes and sleek designs, also, choose a chic color like black. The parasol can allow you to bring a touch of color to your garden decoration. By choosing a colorful parasol model, you will brighten the outdoor look. Add some touches of the same color of the parasol to the furniture and accessories. To create a pleasant atmosphere in your garden, you can opt for a parasol in a very light white color that lets light pass through; it will add a soft & charming mood to your outdoors.

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