Teach your child to swim, and you could save their life

Teach your child to swim, and you could save their life

It’s never to early to teach you baby to swim

From 10 News Tampa

It can happen in the blink of an eye-your child leaves your sight.  You search everywhere, and you can’t seem to find him.  Then horror sets in: your child is lifeless, at the bottom of your swimming pool.  That’s exactly what happened to this Florida father, and this video from 10 News tells his story.  See how this story ends, and how it inspires this and countless other parents to teach their children of any age to learn how to swim.

Here is an excerpt from the story:

Palm Harbor, Florida—It’s a tragedy we report on all too often in Florida. A child, out of sight for just seconds, ends up at the bottom of a swimming pool.

It happened to a Bay area father just a couple of months ago. He saw the door leading to the pool open and found his little boy lifeless and blue in the water.

Now this father wants to make sure what happened to his 11 month old son, doesn’t happen to another child.

Click on the video link to hear how this family hopes to save lives from the lessons they learned.

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