How to select outdoor furniture for your outdoor living space

How to select outdoor furniture for your outdoor living space

10 Tips to Select Outdoor Furniture

From How Stuff Works

Selecting the furniture around and in which your family will be speding alot of time this summer in your outdoor living space is an important decision.  Most people aren’t professional designers, nor outdoor furniture experts, so this decision can be crucial for the comfort of your family and guests.  This post from How Stuff Works considers the many factors involved in choosing the right outdoor furniture for your backyard design, and gives you 10 easy tips for making this process easier.  Here is an excerpt from the post:

There’s something really nice about the idea of turning part of your landscape into an alfresco family room during two or three seasons of the year. It’s certainly a less expensive option than adding another room to your home. Who needs walls, anyway? Open air living has “green” appeal. It gets you back into nature — and nature you can control with a flick of the garden hose or a spritz from a can of bug spray.

Making the transition to outdoor living requires a judicious reallocation of resources, though. If you’re outfitting an outdoor living area this season, finding comfy, long-lasting furniture may mean the difference between hanging out on the patio for a while to enjoy the fresh air and heading indoors after a few cramped, uncomfortable minutes parked on a cheap patio chair.

Patio décor has to be more than merely attractive to withstand the elements and provide good value for your outdoor decorating dollar. Let’s explore 10 things you should keep in mind when shopping for outdoor furnishings.

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