Automatic Covers for inground swimming pools make perfect sense

Automatic Covers for inground swimming pools make perfect sense

Covered Concerns: The Inescapable Logic of Automatic Pool Covers


Automatic covers have changed the swimming pool industry, but for some reason they aren’t something that every swimming pool owner desires.  The benefits are legion:  Energy Savings, Safety and Cleanliness are only some of the benefits of an automatic pool cover.  This article by Eric Herman in Aqua Magazine makes an iron-clad case for any swimming pool owner to add an automatic pool cover to their inground swimming pool.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Back in the salad days of my college education, one of the better classes I took was Logic 101. It was a terrific course that taught a level of mental discipline and thought structure that has served me quite well over the years. There’s a lot to be said for breaking down questions, discussions and debates into to their logical framework.

An exercise from that class that stands out in my mind was to identify and describe something — an action, object or concept — that is uniformly positive, meaning possessing only benefits with no downsides. Then we had to present our argument to the class for discussion.

Most people picked things like exercise, good nutrition, meditation or common courtesy. I went in a different direction and chose as my subject “maintaining proper automobile tire inflation.” The argument being that keeping your tires inflated to spec results in maximizing gas mileage, increased safety, greater handling and longer product life. I made the case that based on those significant benefits the small amount of time and effort required was entirely worthwhile.

I received an “A” on that particular assignment.

Going forward, I’ve not only religiously inflated my tires, I’ve also kept in mind the value of identifying things that offer important benefits with minor detriment. It’s certainly been a useful way to develop good habits and it’s surprisingly interesting.

All of which leads to the nugget of this little epistle: In the world of swimming pools, there are a relatively few things that fit that all-upside rubric. Proper water chemistry and filtration are both biggies. Many would argue that automatic pool cleaners, variable speed drive pumps, control technology and even LED lights would make the cut, as well.

And, I contend, the same goes for automatic pool covers. Here’s why:


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