New Invention aims to prevent drownings

New Invention aims to prevent drownings

Anti- Entrapment Invention Hits Market

From Pool and Spa News

The Virginia Graeme Baker act has literally changed the face of the swimming pool industry.  Both residential and commercial pools have required significant retrofits to ensure safety and to be compliant with rapidly-changing codes as a result of the VGB act.  This post from Pool and Spa news illustrates what some old fashioned ingenuity can do to solve a pressing problem, and could be the ultimate answer to this safety concern. 

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Three SVRS pioneers have joined forces to introduce a new product they believe could change the landscape of anti-entrapment equipment.

In the 1990s, the phenomenon of suction entrapment was becoming more commonly known. David Stingl and Paul McKain sought to address these incidents by inventing the first two safety vacuum release systems, meant to remove the vacuum that can form in pool plumbing and cause entrapment. In 1996, Stingl founded Stingl Products with Tony Sirianni. Paul McKain’s PlaySafe hit the market about a year later.

The three have teamed up to offer the Pool and Spa Drain ProteKtor, a small device meant to prevent three of the five types of entrapment. It plugs directly into the drain pipe inside the sump, thus preventing access to the opening and, developers believe, answering widespread concerns about the hazards of a drain if the cover should come off.

The device incorporates technology from Ron Schroader, developer of Drainsafe outlet covers, one of the few brands to escape a massive Consumer Product Safety Commission drain cover recall in 2011.

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