The Empty Swimming Pool as Hypnotic Art

The Empty Swimming Pool as Hypnotic Art

The Hypnotic Architecture Of Empty Swimming Pools

From Huffington Post

This post from Huffington Post gives an entirely new perspective on vacant swimming pools.  The breathtaking photography of a mundane vista evokes a visceral response from the viewer.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

We have to admit, we haven’t spent much time ogling the architecture of public pools. But those days are over, at least after catching a glimpse of Franck Bohbot’s hypnotic photos of empty swimming vessels.

Without the lifeguards, floaties and rowdy swimmers trying to sneak a dive in the shallow end, pools take on a strangely sublime, towering force. Somewhere between an art deco hotel, an ancient Roman temple and a Wes Anderson set, the brightly colored swim spots morph into modern day halls of mirrors.

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