Hindsale, IL Updated Old World Swimming Pool and Spa

Hindsale, IL Updated Old World Swimming Pool and Spa

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Hinsdale, IL Swimming Pool and Raised Spa 

This updated traditional swimming pool is 20’0″ x 45’0″, with a raised 8’0″ x 8’0″ spa and a 4’0″ waterfall feature spilling into the swimming pool. The spa is adorned with custom inlay Limestone cladding, giving an homage to the old world lap pools. Both the swimming pool and spa have LED colored lights. The top of the pool and spa are finished with Valder’s Dovewhite Sandblasted Limestone coping. The Squared edge stairs with corner radius and an attached 10′ of Bench keep the geometric symmetry intact. Glass tile around the pool and spa perimeter waterline, accent tile on pool steps and benches, and inside of the spa on the vertical and back leg areas as well was as the edge of the spa bench, finishes the look.

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