Bannockburn, IL Swimming Pool and Spa Project

Bannockburn, IL Swimming Pool and Spa Project

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This unique swimming pool environment behind a mediterranean-style house features a 28’0″ x 36’0″ swimming pool with scalloped edges. 6 arching laminar flow jets adorn the perimeter, and they are accented with colored lighting to light the unbroken streams at night. The pool and spa have colored lights as well, making the views at night spectacular. The spa, which is raised 18″, has a 3’0″ waterfall feature into the pool, and is adorned with custom stone on the deck side and tile on the pool side. The pool has a 34’0″ bench and 7’0″ x 12’0″ swim-out for swimmers to rest upon, and the custom fabricated bar with 9 bar stools covered in 2″ x 2″ tile gives swimmers a welcome conversation area.

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