Star Floor Swimming pool features in-floor lighting in a Starry Night pattern

Star Floor Swimming pool features in-floor lighting in a Starry Night pattern

Swimming pool designer features pool with Star Floor

Final Starpool detail 1 b

There is nothing quite as dramatic as a swimming pool at night with properly designed lighting.  A pool with the unique Star Floor feature reaches the pinnacle of the art.  By installing hundreds of fiber optic light fixtures embedded in the floor of the pool, the illusion is created of the starry sky emanating from the bottom of the swimming pool.  

Final Starpool view 2 d

This particular homeowner was very concerned about the ability of the system to outlast the swimming pool finish, and wanted to build in some longevity into the system.  What Platinum engineered was the ability to tap a reservoir of additional fiber which was built into the system at every node.  With a little ingenuity and elbow grease, Platinum installed the first Star Floor known to be in existence which is built to outlast even the exposed aggregate swimming pool finish.

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Final Starpool view 2 b

Final starpool view 2 a

LED lit laminar jets surround the pool to provide a touch of elegance with their arching, unbroken streams.

Final Starpool view 1 d

This installation also features the star floor lighting on the all-tile sunshelf or thermal shelf, which is accentuated by the LED lit bubblers. 

starpool detail 3 a

Be sure to watch the video below to see the finished product in all of its glory.  We think that you will agree that the Star Floor is an extremely dramatic element to add to any swimming pool environment.  For a link to the video, click here