Vintage photographs of celebrities in swimming pools

Vintage photographs of celebrities in swimming pools

Everybody into the Pool!

See Orson Welles, Sophia Loren, The Beatles and other stars make a big splash.

From Time Magazine via Aqua

The reason that this slideshow is so compelling is the same reason that everyday Americans love outdoor living.  The swimming pool is the ultimate vehicle to unwind, relax, and enjoy good times with friends and family.  This list of celebrities enjoying a carefree moment in a swimming pool gives you some insight into the real people behind the celebrity personna.  Time says it best in the article:

“Some of us visit the pool for exercise; some of us, of course, are invariably poolside to see and be seen; many of us quite simply love, with a near-primal fondness, the feel of being in the water. In the end, it’s elemental: pools are cool.”

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