Does your sunscreen have UVA and UVB Protection?

Does your sunscreen have UVA and UVB Protection?

UVA or UVB? Sunscreen Labels Help You Practice Safe Sun

What’s on your sunscreen SPF label? Protection from UVA radiation that can cause skin cancer. Or protection from UVB radiation, the type of ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn.

From Larchmont-Mamaroneck Patch

Choosing a sunscreen can be a bewildering experience for families.  Not only do you have to determine what SPF number is high enough to protect your skin and your children from sunburn, you now have to consider whether the sunscreen has UVA or UVB protection. It turns out, as this article presents, that the differences are significant and should be considered.  UVB, the rays that are responsible for sunburn, were the only ones that manufacturers of sunscreen were required to disclose on their labels.  New regulations from the FDA are requiring that these manufacturers disclose whether they contain protection against UVA rays, those directly associated with causing skin cancer.

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