Second part of Swimming Pool History article

Second part of Swimming Pool History article

Pools: A History of Innovation – Part II


In Part I of this thorough and fanciful history of the swimming pool in ancient and modern times, we learned about the origins of man made swimming pools from their earliest recorded history.  We learned about how the swimming pool has evolved from the classic period of the Romans, into the Gilded Age of America, and the post World War II boom that brought us to our modern conception of a swimming pool.  For Part I of this two-part swimming pool history article, click here

In Part II of the series, Eric Herman takes us through some key innovations that have turned the amenity that was once the purview of the ultra-rich into the modern outdoor living amenity that middle-class families aspire to possess.  Eric then projects into the future with some current trends in swimming pool evolution such as the natural pool, and leaves the reader with his or her own imagination as to where the pool industry will go in the future.

Click here to read Part II of the History of Swimming Pools