Two New Products from Bio Lab produce amazing results in your swimming pool

Two New Products from Bio Lab produce amazing results in your swimming pool

The Angry Egg and Silky Swim make swimmers more comfortable

Chemical manufacturer Biolab has recently introduced two new exciting products for the swimming pool owner.  The Angry Egg and Silky Swim promise to make the swimming experience more comfortable in very unique ways.

silky swim

Silky Swim

The Silky Swim™ line of pool treatment products is designed to provide swimmers with sensational pool comfort by appealing to the senses.

First in the Silky Swim line is Goodbye DRY!, a water treatment for chlorine and salt water pools that targets the sense of touch, softening water to greatly enhance the swimming experience during and after pool use.

Simply add Goodbye DRY! to your pool to enjoy the benefits of not only silky feeling water, but how the water also makes your hair tangle-free and your skin softer and itch-free.

Goodbye DRY! is simple to use. Goodbye DRY! is poured directly into the pool and will create softer-feeling water in as little as 15 minutes. After the initial dose, a small weekly maintenance dose keeps the pool water feeling soft and the swimmer comfortable. Best of all Goodbye DRY! is compatible with in-ground, above-ground, salt and chlorine pools.

In addition to your regular pool care routine, add one gallon of Goodbye DRY! per 10,000 gallons of swimming pool water for an initial start up dose or in advance of a special occasion or event. After application of the initial dose, and to maintain softer water throughout the season, add Goodbye DRY! weekly at the rate of one quart per 10,000 gallons of swimming pool water.

To apply, simply pour the formula directly into the water around the edges of the pool with the circulation system operating. During application, Goodbye DRY! has a pleasant, perfumed scent, which dissipates soon after the product is dispersed in the water. Within 15 minutes, the pool water is already feeling softer and ready for re-entry.


angry egg in action

The Angry Egg

Angry Egg™ Pool Treatment hates cloudy water and is here to help!

As a pool owner, you love your pool, but it doesn’t always love you back. Cloudy water can be a constant battle brought on by any number of reasons — severe weather, for example, or even that great, but crowded pool party.

Angry Egg™ Pool Treatment hates cloudy water and is here to help!

A new, easy-to-use pool treatment product, Angry Egg Pool Treatment cleans and clears cloudy swimming pool water fast. Angry Egg Pool Treatment takes the guesswork out of pool care, and removes the possibility of overdosing. His non-chlorine formula treats your pool regardless of your current pool care routine.

As opposed to other treatments, with Angry Egg Pool Treatment there is no need to measure product or calculate the correct dose and he doesn’t discriminate against pool type or sanitization system. Whatever your pool may be – in-ground, above-ground, chlorine or salt water, and more – he gets the job done.

The single-use Angry Egg Pool Treatment comes pre-loaded with a cloudy water treatment powered by DuPont™ Oxone® technology. Effective in treating up to 15,000 gallons of water, Angry Egg Pool Treatment’s exclusive Sink-to-Float™ action is complete within approximately 10 minutes, and the released formula immediately starts to work. You can enjoy clean and clear pool water in 24 hours or less.


Angry Egg™ Pool Treatment creates crystal clear water when you need it most. It’s now a breeze to prepare your pool for busy family gatherings like Fourth of July weekend, after severe weather or even when first opening your pool for the season. Angry Egg Pool Treatment puts the party back in your pool and you back in a party mood. He does all the work, you get all the credit.

Before and After a Pool Party

No one wants to swim in a cloudy pool! Preparing your pool for a party can be time-consuming, but Angry Egg Pool Treatment can help. Toss him in the pool prior to the party and Angry Egg Pool Treatment will take your water from cloudy to clear in a snap, giving you the free time to focus on everything else.

Likewise, the after-effects of a fun weekend – washed-off skin oils and sunscreen – can leave your water cloudy and uninviting. Angry Egg Pool Treatment clears the water in no time and gets your pool back to its pre-party brilliance.

Severe Weather

Severe storms can cloud your pool with rain and other water-changing impurities. Simply toss in Angry Egg Pool Treatment, and let him fix Mother Nature’s cloudy mess.

Pool Opening

Pool owners know opening the pool for the start of the season can be tiresome. Temperature changes and low sanitization levels during the fall and winter can leave the water less than appealing. Save yourself the start-up hassle and let Angry Egg Pool Treatment be your “pool boy” this spring. Toss him in the water and let him take your pool water from cloudy to clear fast.

Here is a testimonial from Platinum Pool General Manager, Tony Smith, who used the Angry Egg for some of his residential swimming pool service customers:

When it comes to trying new products we have always been a little hesitant and skeptical. We have tried many products that make claims that don’t always come to fruition. Recently we had a large pool that turned green and cloudy on us. We were given a couple of Angry Eggs to try as a demo to see if we liked the product and see if it would do what it claimed. We placed one Angry Egg in the deep end and the other in the Shallow. Instantly we could see a reaction as the Egg starts to fizz. After they were done fizzing the empty shells floated to the top and we simply scooped them out with a leaf net. The next day we can back and to our surprise the water was crystal clear. We were so impressed that we are now going order a few more to help out our customers with any cloudy/green pools.

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