Why should I get a hot tub cover lifter?

Why should I get a hot tub cover lifter?

Why should I get a hot tub cover lifter?

from Hot Tub Cover Pros

Hello Pros,

I have had many hot tubs, and many more hot tub covers through the years. I have never had a cover lifter or removal system before. What are the main advantages and how do I compare the different ones I see advertised?

Cliff from Pennsylvania

Hi Cliff,

The Pros are big fans of cover removal systems for a couple of reasons.

Typical cover lifter in open and closed positions

1). Ease of cover removal means less effort to get into the hot tub. Due to this, owners of hot tubs with cover lifters use their hot tubs more frequently than hot tubbers without cover lifting systems. Isn’t this why we all own hot tubs to begin with, so we can use them as much as possible?

2). Cover removal systems extend the life of your spa cover. ANY cover removal system will keep your spa cover from being dragged across the ground, deck or pavers. This will increase the life of your hot tub covers due to the less damages that will occur.

3). Cover lifters not only help to get the cover off of the hot tub, but will hold the cover in a convenient place, out of the way, while you are in the hot tub.

4). After a relaxing visit to your hot tub, you will not want to have to get out of the hot tub, into the chilly night air, and have to muscle the hot tub cover back onto the hot tub. It is so much easier to simply pull the cover back onto half of the hot tub while still in the hot water, then exit, then simply flip the open side closed. Nice, easy and best of all very, very little effort so you can stay in a relaxed state.

Happy Tubbing

Ethel Elliott