How Hygienic Is Your Swimming Pool

How Hygienic Is Your Swimming Pool

How Hygienic Is Your Swimming Pool

From Bold Sky

The summers are at its peak and we all love to hit the swimming pool at this time. However, several others are also hitting pool just like us. The club and public swimming pools are very crowded during the summer season. That why is becomes difficult to maintain the hygiene of swimming pools during the hot season. No matter how many times you clean the swimming pool, it is never perfectly hygienic. That is why, some signs can give you hints about the hygiene of the swimming pool you are using. Use the swimming pool only if it is clean. Or else, you might get infected by various diseases. Here are some things that determine the hygiene of swimming pools.

Floating Debris

If you see any floating debris like dry leaves or plastic packets floating in the pool, then never use it. It means that the swimming pool is not cleaned regularly.

Pumping System

Check if there are filters installed under the water of the swimming pools. These filters constantly refresh the water. Placing your hands near the filters will let you know if they are working.

Too Much Chlorine

If the water is an azure or clear blue then the amount of chemicals in the pool are within limits. However, if the pool look dark blue then there is too much chlorine in the water. Chlorine is a chemical added to the swimming pool to keep it clean. But too much chlorine is bad for the skin and hair.

Shower Before The Plunge

Before you take a dip in the pool, always take a thorough shower to wash off the dirt and germs on your body. This is a small step that helps maintain the hygiene of the swimming pool.

Protect Hair And Eye

Always wear a swimming cap and goggles top protect your eyes and hair from the pollutants in the water. Wearing swimming caps reduces hairfall to a great extent and the goggles protect your eyes against harsh chemicals in the swimming pool.

Shower After Swim

After you get out of the pool, scrub your self with an antiseptic soap in the shower. This helps you wash away any germs that might stick to your body after the swim. These basic hygiene tips for swimming pools help you stay healthy in summer.