Tips For Hosting a Pool Party This Summer

Tips For Hosting a Pool Party This Summer

Tips For Hosting a Pool Party This Summer

from hopcassidypools

ool parties are great for all ages and allow you to use your outdoor spaces during hot summer months. They also allow you to showcase your beautiful swimming pool, especially if you own a custom-built Hop Cassidy Pool. Here are some tips and ideas to make the most of your pool party this summer.

Choose a Theme

Using a theme sets the tone for your party and gives you a direction for your invitations, decorations, food and drinks. Pool parties naturally lend themselves to water or tropical themes, such as:



Under the Ocean

Beach Life





Your invitations should, of course, reflect your theme. Be sure to include what guests need to bring with them, such as a swimsuit, towels, sunscreen, a dish to share, drinks, pool toys, etc.

Set Up & Decorations

Pool parties can use as much or as little decoration as you like. If you plan to continue your party after the sun sets, candles, torches and paper lanterns create a festive atmosphere. You can float balloons or inflatable toys in the pool itself. Beach balls are always a hit and can be used to play games as well as for decoration. Remember to include umbrellas, seating and tables so guests can get out of the sun and have a place to set their food and drink. Set up speakers outside so you can play summer music.

Food & Drink

Finger foods that won’t spoil in the sun are always a safe bet. Also, grilling out and pool parties go hand in hand. You can include food and drink that goes with your theme, such as Goldfish crackers for an under the ocean theme party. Be sure to use plastic plates, utensils and cups so breakables stay away from the pool. Have lots of water available so guests can stay hydrated in the sun.

Safety & Comfort

Make sure children are always under adult supervision around the pool. You may even consider hiring a professional lifeguard. Make sure that the pool depth is marked. Have a First Aid Kit and a phone close by in case of emergency. Provide a room for guests to change in and out of their bathing suits. Have extra towels, flip flops, cover ups and sunscreen in case guests forget theirs.