Hot Tub Scale Build Up

Hot Tub Scale Build Up

Hot Tub Scale Build Up

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What Causes Hot Tub Scale Build Up?

That is a great question, hot tub scale can be caused by a few different things, hard water, water that is highly alkaline, water with high iron or calcium, and body oils, lotions, and other contaminants introduced into the water by bathers. No matter the cause of your spa scale build up, there are a few things you can to avoid it.

Steps to Avoid Hot Tub Scale Build Up

Use a pre-filter when filling the hot tub. This will help in removing minerals from the water prior to it getting in the hot tub.

Make sure you pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and sanitizer levels are being properly maintained by frequent hot tub water analysis.

Use SpaPure Stain and Scale Preventer regularly as it will help break down hard water and minerals, which will prevent build up.

Use a Scumball, this little floating ball will absorb body oils and other contaminants brought into the spa by bathers, keeping them inside it instead of them building up on your spa.

Make sure you clean your filter regularly; a dirty filter will not be able to pick up as much as a clean one which can allow things to build up causing scum. Cleaning your filter regularly includes rinsing it with your garden hose and then soaking it in a product like Spa Pure Filter Cleaner to get the best