Swimming Pool Exercises and Workouts for Home Use

Swimming Pool Exercises and Workouts for Home Use

Swimming Pool Exercises and Workouts for Home Use

from Livestrong.com

You may be used to sipping cocktails and watching your children play in your backyard pool, but if you have a pool in your backyard, you can use it for a great overall workout. Even better, these exercises don’t require expensive equipment. Because your body is buoyant in water, these exercises are also easy on your joints and are ideal if you’re recuperating from injury.

Full Body Exercise

Treading water is an effective calorie-burning exercise, notes Fitness Magazine. It’s similar to running at a six-mile per hour pace. In addition, because you’re body is working through the resistance of the water, treading water firms and tones more quickly than running.

To tread water and tone your legs as well as your arms and chest, head to the deep end of the pool. Cup your hands and create small circles to keep your arms engaged and your body afloat. Lift one leg, toe pointed, straight in front of your body as high as you can and hold for five to 10 seconds. Then switch legs, similar to scissor kicking. Hold for five to 10 seconds and repeat. Complete a set for 45 seconds (30 if you’re just starting out). Rest and repeat until fatigued.

Legs and Abs

Using a simple beach ball helps to keep you afloat as well as providing some challenge in a swim workout. This exercise targets your core as well as your legs. The bigger your beach ball, the harder this roll is.

To try the roll, float on your back with your legs straight and hold a beach ball tight to your chest. Cross your feet at the ankles and drive your shoulder down and hip up to roll over. If you’re just starting out, try rocking from side to side. As you build up strength, you can complete the roll.


The resistance provided by the water makes it an ideal workout environment for your arms. You’re continuously working the muscle in water, rather than only engaging the muscles when lifting a weight, for example, as you do on dry land. In addition, working out in your backyard pool makes it easier to engage tough-to-get muscles, such as the triceps.

To work your arms, grab your beach ball and hold it above your head. Float on your stomach with your body fully extended. Press the ball toward the bottom of the pool, aiming to touch your thighs and bring your head up to breathe. Return to the starting position. Repeat for 45 seconds, rest and then repeat until fatigued.