Turn your backyard into an everyday vacation spot

Turn your backyard into an everyday vacation spot

Turn your backyard into an everyday vacation spot

from APSP

Family vacations rarely live up to expectations. From the cost of travel to other assorted hassles, the negatives usually outweigh the fun. Much of that frustration has seen a growing number of Americans rediscovering fun at home, and taking the necessary steps to make their backyards as exciting and luxurious as any vacation destination.

Travel for a summer vacation costs the average American family around $1,180 per person, according to an American Express survey. That’s a lot of dough. Imagine if a family of four invested that money into upgrading their own home experience with the addition of a swimming pool or hot tub. They could create a backyard oasis they’ll enjoy for years.

That enjoyment includes more than just saving money on a vacation and avoiding all the hiccups associated with travel, too. Spending more quality time at home, together, helps families bond and is proven to enhance physical and mental wellbeing. Adding a hot tub or pool to your backyard environment is the kind of investment that will provide enjoyment year-round.

Installing a swimming pool is one home improvement that pays for itself in multiple ways, from increasing your home value and reducing travel costs to improving relationships with loved ones. Seventy-five percent of pool owners say their swimming pool turns the backyard into an everyday vacation spot, according APSP research. Four out of five owners say it’s a great way to entertain guests, and half say it’s the ideal place to connect with family and guests.

Hot tub owners feel the same way. Among owners, 57 percent consider the backyard their sanctuary and believe their hot tub encourages entertaining and quality time with family and friends. Seventy-seven percent of owners see their hot tub as one of the few places where they are able de-stress.

While adding a pool or hot tub remains a serious investment, a family of four that would normally spend the average amount of $4,750 per year on summer travel could conceivably pay for an installation by skipping the vacation for a few years.

If you’ve been thinking about pursuing a pool or hot tub for your home, there’s never been a better time than now to do so. The American Society of Landscape Architects listed both pools and hot tubs as hot trends for 2013, and that pricing and features have never been better.

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