Adding a “WOW” Factor to Your Pool

Adding a “WOW” Factor to Your Pool

Adding a “WOW” Factor to Your Pool

from Guardian Pool Fence

Building a pool or spa is a large investment and should be done right the first time because it a permanent addition to your home. Once you commit to building, there are a lot of decisions to make, and each one deserves thoughtful consideration. What shape do I want? How big and how deep should the pool be? Should I do a pool and a spa or just a pool? Should I tile the walls? And last but certainly not least, what special features do I want to include?

Adding water features to and around your pool is the key to making people say “WOW” when entering your backyard oasis. Whether you implement one or multiple features, consider each carefully as you begin the pool building process.

Fire Pit: Adding a fire pit to the side of your pool or spa is a great entertaining feature. Those who enjoy swimming can slip into their suits and enjoy the water, while those who prefer to not swim, can relax by the fire pit with their feet up and a marshmallow roasting stick in hand. Everyone can still converse together and enjoying the evening as a group. Oh and did I mention that a fire pit is just all around gorgeous and adds a beautiful element to your backyard? Especially since most can be custom built to your exact design preferences.

Water Slides: This feature is one for the kids! Who wouldn’t love having a water park in their own backyard? While most people instantly think of the typical blue pool slide, there are other sizes and styles are available, some of which are quite beautiful. In fact, many waterslides are integrated into the surrounding landscape, making it a stunning focal point in your backyard.

Water Features: What’s a pool without some amazing waterfalls, fountain bubblers or deck jets?! These water features can turn any normal backyard pool into a spectacular pool! Waterfalls not only add a beautiful feature to both your pool and backyard, they also provide a soothing environment for you and your family to relax in. So even if you are not actually swimming, they still provide a great benefit. Deck jets create a graceful arc of water that lands peacefully into the pool and appears magical to the eye. They are a captivating focal point and easily enhance the serenity of any backyard. Finally, fountain bubblers are geyser-like pool features that are usually built into a pool’s shallower areas. Once again, it’s gorgeous to the eye and serene to the ear.

Lighting: Most pools are built with underwater lights, but are they built with colored lights? That’s right, these days you can choose from a variety of colored LED lights to give your pool that extra something you are looking for. Using fun colors such as blue, teal or pink can change the mood of your backyard for any occasion! For new pools, ColorLogic 4.0 offers a great lighting option. Their lights are both vivid, bright and energy efficient.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to additional pool and spa features. Do your research before committing to a pool, you won’t regret adding a gorgeous water feature!