Top 8 Energy And Water-Saving Landscaping Tips

Top 8 Energy And Water-Saving Landscaping Tips

Top 8 Energy And Water-Saving Landscaping Tips

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The Midwest’s climate is anything but mild — it goes from toasty hot summers to bitterly cold winters. To help save on your home’s energy and water use, follow these landscaping tips:

Follow these simple tips to save energy and water!

If your house struggles to keep cool in the summer:

1. Plant bushes or trees along the south wall. By blocking the sun’s rays for most of the day, you will stop any excessive heating.

However, keep in mind that these same bushes will also block the sun in the wintery months.

2. For a less extreme option, consider planting vines along the south wall.

If your house struggles to stay warm in the winter:

3. Creating a natural wind block may be the way to go. Planting bushes, shrubs, or trees on the north/northwest perimeter of your house or lot will help reduce the same windchill effect that happens on exposed skin from happening to your house.

Dense evergreen trees and bushes are an excellent option.

4. Sick of those snow drifts cozying up next to you house? Consider planting low shrubs on the windward side of your house to create a barrier

Water conservation – how to save a few gallons and keep plants happy:

5. Group plants with similar needs together.

6. Consider using a grass that requires less watering.

7. Maintain the soil by tilling to promote better water absorption and deeper roots.

8. Use mulch! By using mulch you will prevent the soil from crusting and will reduce weed growth.

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