24 Waterproof Products You Must Have for Your Pool and Hot Tub

24 Waterproof Products You Must Have for Your Pool and Hot Tub

24 Waterproof Products You Must Have for Your Pool and Hot Tub

by Matt Giovanisci, Swim University

When I first started researching for this post, I thought I would find maybe 10 products worth mentioning. It turns out there are a bunch of waterproof products that I didn’t even know existed. Now I have to wonder WHY they exist.

Below are 24 waterproof items that you can use IN and around around your swimming pool, hot tub, boat, and wherever else you find yourself near water.

1.Waterproof Power Strip

The Wet Circuits’ waterproof power strip is perfect for around the hot tub or on the deck of your swimming pool. It also continues to operate in occasional rain, snow, and temporary floods.


[NERD ALERT: It discontinues the flow of electricity when the temperature reaches 221F-239F, preventing fire caused by overloading. Requires grounded plug. Made of a special material that prevents carbon build-up that can overheat. Withstands 4X more plug in/unplugs than most standard power strips. UL listed.]

You can plug all kinds of things into it:

Bug Zapper


Charger for your cell phone

Come to think of it, these are HORRIBLE examples! Unless you use the next product on our list…

2. Waterproof iPhone Case

I remember the first time I dropped my iPhone in the water…oh wait, I’m not irresponsible (I’ll probably drop my phone in the toilet right after I finish this sentence. Knock on wood).

However, for those who are clumsy by default, you can protect your phone against that nasty element by wrapping in the LifeProof waterproof iPhone case that you can completely submerge underwater.

Just think of the possibilities you can do with this case, including:

Using the camera to take underwater photos of your family, friends, and one night stands.

Check your email while performing the butterfly stroke.

Google the best way to win a chicken fight during a chicken fight.

Text your friends to invite them over for a pool party.

Better yet, just use it to keep your phone safe for when you drop it in the toilet. Don’t Text and Tinkle!

3. Waterproof Digital Camera

The Olympus TG-320 14MP Touch Series camera is seriously tough. 14 megapixels tough.

This is not your grandfather’s camera, nor would he know how to use it even if it was. If you like taking photographs, but think they lack that “underwater” feel you’ve been looking for, then you need to throw your old camera in the water and purchase this one.

Remember, it’s not just for sailors, it’s perfect for land lovers too.

4. Waterproof Notepad

Picture this…

You’re taking a shower – do I have your attention now? And you have a brilliant idea that you absolutely need to write down, but thought, “darn those pesky number 2 pencils and their dry-only capabilities?”

Then, you quickly pop out of the shower, dry off, and run down the hall to find a pad and pencil to write down your idea, while shampoo drips from your head to the hardwood floor.

You write down what you believe it the greatest idea you’ve ever had – a social network for dogs – and then run back to complete the shower only to realize you brought the pad in with you and it got soaked, ruining the idea that you now forgot!

“Darn those number 2 pencils!!!”

AquaNotes® is a waterproof notepad that allows you to record your great ideas while you’re in the shower. It’s so durable you can even write underwater.

[HIPPIE ALERT: They’re recyclable, environmentally friendly, and the notepad is printed with soy-based ink.]

5. Waterproof Hard Drive

The DashDrive™ Durable HD710 external hard drive is one bad ass looking hard drive…and it’s waterproof! What possible reason would you have to own a waterproof hard drive?

Let’s say you’re at an awesome inground pool party at your friends house, but his music selection is less than awesome. Mostly Adele, Lou Bega, and Ridley Scott movie soundtracks. You, however, have a really killer library of party tunes that would be more than ideal for this party. Thank goodness you have a waterproof hard drive to safety hand off to your friend to plug into his surround sound system located inches from his pool.

Too bad they don’t make waterproof surround sound systems. But wait…

6. Waterproof Floating Speaker

Remember your friend who put his surround sound system inches away from his inground pool? What an idiot!!!

Unlike him, you’ll be wise enough to know that a wet speaker is a broken speaker, but a Swimline wireless floating speaker is a party starter!

Impress your friends – girls, guys, everyone!

7. Waterproof Wallet

The Dosh all polymer wallet is designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia.

The innovative blend of flexible and semi-flexible polymers creates an iconic wallet that is durable, water-resistant, and packed with clever features for modern Lifestyles – get it?

8. Waterproof Matches

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to start a fire in the rain with no success.

Actually, I can – 0 times.

However, if you’re a fisherman, avid camper (I dabble), or aquatic pyromaniac, then you’ll love Coghlan’s waterproof matches!

[NOTE: If your an aquatic pyromaniac, please stop!!!]

These are the only matches that Adele can successfully set fire to the rain with, and I’ve exhausted my Adele references for this post.

9. Waterproof Backpack

If you ever find yourself lost in the woods after a horrible camping experience, you’ll be glad you had a SealLine waterproof backpack.

Hell, if you find yourself getting swirlies in the boy’s bathroom by that big kid who has it out for you, you’ll be counting your lucky breaths that your math books will remain dry.

10. Waterproof T.V.

If you own a hot tub, and relaxing in silence is just TOO boring for you, the next best thing is owning a Sunbrite waterproof 46″ TV.

That’s right! You don’t have to suffer through those boring, long hot tub soaks alone anymore. With a waterproof TV, you now have the option to be tired, wrinkled, and watching NCIS under the age of 35!

11. Waterproof HD Video Camera

Finally, a video camera for those underwater peeping toms!

[NOTE: I do not condone the actions of underwater peeping toms.]

The Sony GW55 waterproof camcorder is a excellent camcorder that you can use to:

Film yourself wake boarding

Take out on a boat or wave runner

Film the family cannonball contest


Sorry, I really can’t think of any other reasons to own an underwater camera. If you think of any, please add in the comments below.

12. Waterproof iPod

The iPod Shuffle swim bundle is the ideal MP3 player for Michel Phelps, Ryan Lochte, and Mark Spitz circa 1972.

13. Waterproof Pool Table

h yes, the waterproof pool table.

I remember watching The Drew Carey Show and thinking, “who the hell would keep a pool table outside?”

I was surprised to find that they actually make outdoor pool tables for such a purpose. When I saw this waterproof pool table I thought, “who will be the next sitcom star to play on this table?”

I’m rooting for Jaheel White to make a comeback.

14. Waterproof iPad Case

Ugh, If I hear one more pretentious book nerd say, “I know tablets and e-readers are great, but I just like the feel of a paper book,” I’m going to lose it!

Dude! I like a nice, thick paper book too, but I can’t read a book in my bubbling Jacuzzi. Why? Cause paper gets wet. Duh!

I am about to blow the doors off the tablet marketing campaigns we’ve seen so far…

The OverBoard waterproof iPad case allows you to ACTUALLY take your iPad to the beach, pool, boat, lake and NOT damage it.


15. Waterproof Eyeliner

I am a man. I do not wear eyeliner (except that one time). It’s hard for me to comment on this product, but I will say this…

If Alice Cooper used Sephora’s retractable waterproof eyeliner, his makeup wouldn’t run down his face when he’s in public

16. Waterproof Playing Cards

I am an avid playing card collector. No joke! I have over 150 decks of playing cards, unopened.

Whenever I travel, I buy myself a deck of playing cards. Whenever my friends or family travel, they pick me up a deck of playing cards. They are all in an Omaha Steaks box in my closet because I have no cool way to display them.

I doubt there is a cool way to display 150 decks of playing cards.

Point is, I have a deck of these Bicycle clear playing cards and they are perfect to play poker in the pool with. That’s right, Texas no-limit Hold’em, UNDERWATER!!!

17. Waterproof Luggage

If Kim Kardashian was a fish on a flight to Barbados, this would be her carry on.

The Louis Vuitton waterproof keepall 55 is the perfect way of saying, “hey, if I fall into a swimming pool fully clothed with my luggage, I’ll look good doing it.”

18. Waterproof Headphones

No longer will you need to sit quietly in the middle of the beautiful ocean, waiting for the perfect wave to hang ten on. Now you can jam out to some heavy tunes with the H2O Audio Surge Sportwrap 2G waterproof headphones while impressing the opposite sex awaiting your arrival on the beach.

Also, perfect for lazy pool rafters. You know who you are.

19. Waterproof Computer Keyboard

f you’re anything like me, it takes a lot to get me away from my computer. It’s my only love, my friend, my partner, and it stinks that I can’t swim with it or relax in a hot tub with it.

What?? They make an foldable flexible waterproof keyboard that I can use underwater?

Aquatic nerds rejoice!

20. Waterproof Binoculars

Use these Barska Barska Colorado waterproof binoculars on the boat, by the pool, or [insert peeping tom joke here].

21. Waterproof Flashlight

The Fenix Mini waterproof flashlight is perfect for night swimming – in case you lose your wedding ring.

22. Waterproof GPS

Is your pool so big that sometimes you get lost in it? Probably not.

However, if you’re a boater, or a fisherman with a boat, then the Garmin 72H waterproof handheld GPS is the perfect companion for those deep sea excursions.

23. Waterproof Laptop Case

I’m pretty sure I saw Piece Brosnan as James Bond use one of these Pelican Deluxe waterproof laptop cases in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Someone needs to fact check me on that one.

24. Waterproof USB Flash Drive

enton 16 GB waterproof USB flash drive allows you to store a massive amount of data, including:

Adele: 19 Album

Adele: 21 Album

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