How to Get Rid of Green Algae

How to Get Rid of Green Algae

How to Get Rid of Green Algae

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Green algae is an unappealing and unwelcome sight in many backyard swimming pools. This is the most effective method to quickly get rid of green algae in your swimming pool and help prevent it from coming back.

Step One: Adjust pool water pH to a normal range of 7.4 – 7.6. Adjust alkalinity to a range of 80 – 120 ppm.

Step Two: Use the appropriate amount of Super Shock for your pool’s size.

Step Three: Brush pool walls and let the pool filter run continuously until the algae has been eliminated.

Step Four: After treating heavy algae growth, vacuum the pool, then clean the filter.

Step Five: Apply 16 ounces of All-in-One Algaecide, our best multi-purpose algaecide, per 10,000 gallons of pool water.

Step Six: Repeat step two (shocking your pool) after 48 hours.

To prevent green algae from returning to your pool, follow our ABCs of Pool Maintenance, a proven method of pool care designed to keep your pool healthy, sparkling clear, and algae-free. Use maintenance doses of All in One Algaecide on a weekly basis as part of this program; it keeps your pool algae-free without foaming and contains a clarifier to keep your pool water crystal-clear.