Easy Pool Maintenance Steps for Summer

Easy Pool Maintenance Steps for Summer

Easy Pool Maintenance Steps for Summer

from Pure Pool.com

Summertime means fun in the sun, but is your pool ready? With the heat comes the possibility of bacteria growing in the backyard pool and sparkling water can turn to green very quickly. However, if you have the proper tools you can follow these easy pool maintenance steps and enjoy your pool to its fullest all season long!

Pool Supplies & Tools

Make sure you have all of the supplies you need before the warm weather hits. Necessities include swimming pool test strips to test the water for chemical factors, a pool vacuum or an automatic swimming pool cleaner, a brush, a leaf skimmer, all of the necessary pool chemicals to treat the water, protective clothing and glasses.

Daily Checks

Exhaustive pool maintenance is not necessary on a daily basis, but there are a few steps that should be taken each day. Skim the pool water with the leaf skimmer to remove any floating debris and empty the filter basket each day. Always make sure the pool pump is off before cleaning the basket. It’s a good idea to clean the surface filter every day or every other day.

Weekly Checks

Plan on vacuuming the pool about once a week, but be careful to vacuum slowly so the debris can be sucked up instead of stirred to the surface. Try to test your pool water on a weekly basis. Using pool chemicals to keep water properly balanced will help prevent the pump from having to work too hard. In addition, keeping the water sanitized with the proper alkalinity and acidity levels will help prevent both algae and calcium build-up. When handling chemicals, be sure to wear protective glasses and clothing, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

These simple steps can help keep your swimming pool in tip-top shape all season long. Make the most out of your home pool, hot tub, or spa by checking out our great selection of pool supplies and explore our long list of eco-friendly pool products, swimming pool cleaners, and other pool equipment.