How to Clean Pool Tiles

How to Clean Pool Tiles

How to Clean Pool Tiles

from Pool Gear Plus

Pool Tile Cleaning

No matter how clean and sparkling-clear your pool water is, your pool will appear dirty if the tiles aren’t shiny and clear of scum and dirt. But since no one wants to spend their weekends scrubbing pool tile, you need an efficient tile-cleaning product and a process that will require minimal effort. This pool tile cleaning method from PoolGear Plus is the most effective method to quickly clean a dirty tile-line and make your pool look new again.

Step One: Apply a small amount of Tile & Liner Cleaner to a brush, sponge or scrub pad and apply to a few pool tiles at a time. Tile & Liner Cleaner is a concentrated acid-based product that removes grime, oils, grease, cosmetics, and suntan lotions and dissolves troublesome scale.

Step Two: Let Tile & Liner cleaner stand on pool tile surfaces for a few minutes to allow all contaminants to dissolve.

Step Three: Scrub lightly, then rinse pool tiles with water.

Step Four: Repeat as needed. Additional applications may be required if pool tiles are heavily stained or scaled.

Pool Tile Maintenance

After cleaning pool tiles, use this maintenance program to lengthen the time between cleanings.

Natural Oil & Scum Remover is a concentrated natural enzyme based maintenance product that helps keep your pool tile line clean, your water silky-soft, and your entire pool looking clear and inviting. It helps eliminate waterline ring, clogged filters, chemical odors and eye irritation by breaking down sunscreen oils and cosmetics, body and pet oils and wastes, pollen, and other organic materials that contaminate your pool.

Add one to two ounces of Natural Oil & Scum Remover per 1,000 gallons of pool water for the initial dosage. Cut the dosage in half for weekly maintenance.