Enchanting Features for Lagoon-Style Pools

from Luxury Pools Blog


A lagoon-style pool creates the look and feel of a tropical backyard oasis, making it one of the most alluring and requested pool designs among homeowners. While the design of a lagoon pool begins with a freeform shape, it is the addition of rock waterfalls, cave-like grottos, landscaping, and lighting that transform a backyard into an enchanting lagoon environment.

Take a look at the enticing features below to gain design inspiration for your own backyard lagoon oasis.

Rock Waterfalls

A large, cascading rock waterfall (or three) provides the perfect backdrop for a lagoon-style pool, adding both visual and acoustic ambiance.

Depending on the width and height, a rock waterfall can also help block out the view and noise from the neighboring area, further boosting the illusion that you’re relaxing in a remote oasis.

Many of today’s luxury pool builders are skilled in using natural or artificial rocks—and sometimes a combination of the two—to craft beautiful, authentic-looking waterfalls that blend with the surrounding environment.

Caves and Grottos

Caves and grottos lend an authentic charm to lagoon-style pools. Just like the natural sea caves that form over time from wave erosion, a pool cave or grotto creates a mysterious nook that beckons to be explored.

From an intimate swim-in waterfall grotto where swimmers can relax and watch the water cascade in front of them to a large multi-room cave that houses a swim-up bar, spa, and maybe even a changing area/restroom, the design possibilities are endless.

While a pool cave or grotto can be built with natural stone, most are constructed with artificial rocks and boulders because they are lighter in weight than natural rock and can be molded into varying sizes, shapes, and colors to achieve the desired look.


Landscaping truly sets the scene for a lagoon-style pool by simulating the environment of a tropical cove.

Layers of lush, vibrant foliage with large, brawny leaves and irregular shapes bring an exotic tone to the landscape and make the pool appear as though it were a natural body of water.

While tropical plants thrive in warm, humid climates, it’s possible to replicate an island environment in cold-climate regions. A variety of cold-hardy plants, including Canna lilies, Japanese fiber banana, Chinese windmill palm, and Autumn Crocus, exude the same bright colors and bold leaves found in tropical landscaping and will withstand the cooler temperatures.


From strategically placed landscape lights that replicate the elegant glow of the stars and moonlight to colorful in-pool lights that change the water’s hue to enticing shades of lavender, turquoise, and emerald, lighting adds dramatic ambience to a lagoon pool at night.

For example, the mix of pool lighting and landscape lighting incorporated in this lagoon-style pool evokes a mysterious vibe, making it feel as though you’ve stumbled upon a magical oasis.

Outdoor lighting also helps illuminate the landscape and walkways so you can safely enjoy your lagoon pool long after the sun has set.

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