Swimming Pools are ready for summer, are you? Water Safety means swimming lessons!

Swimming Pools are ready for summer, are you? Water Safety means swimming lessons!

Celebrate Water Safety Month by getting your child swimming lessons

from Cameo Pools

 Time to get the swimming pools open. Summer is almost here!

But wait! Have you reviewed water safety with your family and friends? May has been National Water Safety Month; a great cause we feel is worth promoting.

Did you know that drowning still remains the second leading cause of unintentional injury and death in children ages 1 to 19 years, accounting for about 1,100 child deaths per year? (1) Yikes.

Here are our 10 Tips for Water Safety around Swimming Pools:

Buddy Up: Never swim alone.

Never leave a young child alone near the pool.

Buckle Up: Have young children and inexperienced swimmers wear approved life jackets around water.

Follow the Rules: Make sure your family and guests know and follow the water safety guidelines you have set.

Stay clear of the pool during bad weather.

Feet First: Jump into shallow water never dive.

Know Your Limits: Do not let anyone swim when they are tired or have impaired judgment.

Don’t Go—Reach or Throw: Assist someone in trouble by reaching with a pole or broom, or throw a ring or ball.

Take a water safety-training course through the Red Cross.

Learn to Swim!

That last point about swimming lessons is very important. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) reported that overall, 37% of Americans are unable to swim. Even more adults are fearful around pools; in a study performed by the Gallup organization, 46% of adults are afraid of the deep end of a pool. Keep in mind when you plan summer get-togethers and parties in the backyard that not everyone is a confident swimmer.

Not only do swimming lessons help prevent accidents and drowning, swimming is really great exercise. In a study comparing different forms of exercise, “swimmers had a 50% and 49% lower all-cause mortality risk than did men who were walkers or runners.” (2)

So while you get your swimming pools ready, remember water safety and get yourself ready for a safe, healthy, and happy summer!