The importance of proper swimming pool maintenance

The importance of proper swimming pool maintenance



Having a swimming pool is great, but pool maintenance is a daily concern. Sure, you can have a lot of fun, get plenty of exercise, cool off on hot days and make your backyard look great, but if you do not master a set pool maintenance schedule, your swimming pool will quickly become unsanitary and possibly even an eye sore. Getting professional pool maintenance can be very expensive. Learn good pool maintenance practices right now.

Some people think that pool maintenance is not a big deal or that the chlorine does most of the work and you just add a little more of it every now and then. However, this is not good pool maintenance and it could be dangerous to your health to swim in a pool that has received pool maintenance like this. The owner of a pool must do more than just give the pool some occasional attention. Pool maintenance is something that is a daily chore and there are also additional weekly and monthly tasks for proper pool maintenance.

There are pool maintenance tasks that have to be done on a daily basis in order to ensure that the swimming pool stays in good condition. Water has a tendency to attract pollutants and grow bacteria quickly, a factor that requires pool maintenance to be performed as part of a daily schedule. Proper pool maintenance calls for the filter to be run for 10 to 12 hours every day. This is probably the easiest part as it just involves flipping a switch. However, there are other daily tasks such as testing and adjusting the levels of sanitizer and giving the pool a visual inspection for the three C’s: Clarity, color, and contaminants. Testing the water temperature is also an important daily task.

Besides the daily routine for pool maintenance, there are also weekly pool maintenance tasks that must be performed. Weekly tasks included testing and adjusting oxidizer and stabilizer levels, brushing and vacuuming, checking filter pressure, as well as checking the water level. Adding a dose of algaecide should also be done as part of the weekly routine.

On top of daily and weekly pool maintenance chores, there are also parts of pool maintenance that must be done at least monthly. Tasks to be done every month include testing for dissolved solids, metals, cyan uric acid, and cleaning the filter with chemicals. When doing monthly tasks be sure to visually inspect all of the tile, grout, sealant, and exposed elements. Also the Langelier Saturation index evaluation must be performed. As a part of regular pool maintenance, it is a good idea to take a water sample to an expert monthly.