Swimming Pool toys collecting dirt in the shed? Here is a short guide to some new ones.

Swimming Pool toys collecting dirt in the shed? Here is a short guide to some new ones.

Pool Toy Gift Ideas

from poolcare plus

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to think about reopening your swimming pool. Many pool owners love to watch their children or grandchildren play in the pool and provide pool toys to keep them entertained. Age-appropriate toys for the pool help children practice swimming and learn to love the water.* But what types of pool toys are best for which age groups? Here’s help:

Infants and Toddlers: Children age nine-24 months love floating activity centers, which allow them to stay busy with attached toys like squirters, rattles, and stacking rings while enjoying the pool. Baby rings and puddle jumper baby seats are also popular pool toys for children up to 25 pounds.

Age Three to Six: Children five and younger like “driving” a float in the shape of a plane, car or boat; pocket seats help them feel more secure as an adult pushes them back and forth in the pool. Depending on their comfort level in the water, children age three to six can be introduced to water wings and kickboards to help them improve their swimming ability.

Age Six and Up: Children who can float and swim well enough to enjoy playing in the water will love Dive Dudes, spinning characters that kids dive for when these pool toys float to the bottom of the pool. They’ll also have fun with battery-operated characters that swim around the pool in random patterns. You and the children can stay active with an energetic pool paddle ball game. And of course, both kids and adults love classic pool toys like water guns and splash balls.

Selecting a variety of pool toys ensures that children who use your pool will never get bored. And you’ll have a wonderful time too – whether you just watch or jump in and join in the fun!

*Pool toys are not safety devices. Alert adult supervision is required whenever any child is in or near your swimming pool.