10 Steps to maintaining a clean pool

10 Steps to maintaining a clean pool

10 Steps to Maintaining a Clean Pool

from Guardian Pool Fence

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool and also lucky enough to have the sun to use it then keeping it clean is all important. You want a pool to be fresh and inviting for everyday use and so you can get the most from this refreshing pastime.

By taking a constant but thorough routine with pool maintenance you can cut down on the work in the long term and also save on a lot of money. It also means there’s no need for last ditch attempts to sort something out when something goes wrong. So, here are ten tips to keep your pool sparkling clean and healthy.

  • Maintain the pool by keeping an eye on the pool chemistry a few times a week in summer and around once a week in winter.
  • Keep a close eye on the skimmer basket and clean it out weekly or even more-so if it needs such care.
  • Keep an eye on the hair and lint filter. This will need to be emptied every few weeks and you should ensure that a build-up doesn’t occur.
  • Water levels are also something that need inspection and should be adjusted if needed. Ideally they should be at the center of the tile.
  • The in-line chlorinator needs a weekly check-up and if it needs adjustment then you should do so. Check the chlorine readings and ensure they are in the unit to ensure adequate levels of chlorine.
  • Clean the filters. These should be cleaned after a storm or every couple of months. The best way to remember this is to base it around something you do a couple of times a year. If you’ve extra elements this can be a lot easier to do, if not you will need to use chemicals to clean the filters. Make sure to use eye and glove protection when doing so and make sure the filters are rinsed well.
  • The tile area on the outside of the pool should be cleaned on a weekly basis when the pool is in use or less so when it’s not. This can be done by using pressure washing services and will help keep your pool spic and span from build-up.
  • Always keep the chemicals you use stored in the dark and away from direct sunlight as this can cause issues with them.
  • If you do not have an ozone system your pool won’t need to be shocked. However, if you do need to shock it does it at night. People swimming soon afterwards should use a non-chlorine shock to clean the pool. Alternatively, it’s possible to do so by running your pump for a full day and night with your ozone system. Just ensure you’re on 24 hour circulation.
  • Cracks can turn into bigger problems. These should be dealt with through silicone and as we all know prevention is better than cure.
  • Keep vegetation and animals, as well as fertilizers away from the area as they will feed algae in the pool.

These tips should help you keep your pool clean and perfectly usable.


Jacob Ryan is a lover of swimming and the great outdoors and also enjoys fishing.