3D rendering technology is making outdoor living design amazingly realistic

3D rendering technology is making outdoor living design amazingly realistic

Pretty as Pictures

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Amazingly, these images are not photographs, but the work of Greg Boruff of Questar Pools (Escondido, Calif.) using Auto Cad, SketchUp and ShaderLight computer drafting programs.

Boruff works with renowned designer Skip Phillips, founder of Questar and co-founder of the Genesis 3 Design Group educational programs. Seeking to enhance his own design abilities, Boruff studied the computer rendering process at one of the Genesis schools back in 2010.

“It’s amazing what you can achieve with this technology,” says Boruff. “In many cases, clients can’t tell the difference from photographs.”

The programs enable the designer to manipulate perspective, texture, material choices, lighting and reflections.

According to Genesis 3 education coordinator, Dave Peterson, a well-known designer who also uses these programs in his design work, knowing how to draw by hand does support the process of computer-aided design. “I usually start with a hand drawing to develop the concepts considering the scale of the project, etc. Then move to SketchUp. I usually export SketchUp to AutoCAD as opposed to importing AutoCAD to SketchUp, but I have done it that way, too — it just depends on the project and what we have to start with.”

The mission of Genesis 3 is to elevate the industry’s professionalism by offering a variety of classes focusing on the fine point of design and construction. These images demonstrate the power of education as well as the amazing capabilities of today’s computer-aided design programs.

For information regarding the Genesis 3 Design Group programs, visit www.genesis3.com